Thursday, January 21, 2010

First week at SIS in KTM

Shridiwa International School. SIS is the same school that two of my friends went for their schooling. There are 13 grades, playgroup to class 10. There are 280 students and its a English medium boarding school.

I started at this school on Jan 18th. This is the school that I am volunteering for a month. My hours are 9-3:30 Sunday-Friday.

On the second day I was in Class 4 and look what I found hanging on their wall, word bank! I love this concept and I hope to bring it to Phaplu for Class 4 there. I taught them who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

On the third day there was a puja for Saraswati, Goddess of Education and wisdom.
Kids play with this and it is made of rubber bands.
this is some food that is given for the puja.
This is what I wore for the Puja. This is a Khota. This is very common for woman to wear. It is very comfortable. Don't I look like a teacher?
I had UKG for the first and fourth day. Their ages are 5 and 6. This is in my UKG room and here's one of the examples they had on their wall. This experience is helping me to understand the differences between village and city schools.

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