Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day at the Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath is the largest Buddhist stupa in the world.

People come to the stupa for eating, shopping, and meeting their friends/family. Kora is when Buddhist go around the stupa. This can happen anytime during the day. They walk around in a clock-wise direction.
There are many prayer flags hanging. The flags promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. By hanging flags in high places the "Wind Horse" will carry the blessings depicted on the flags to all beings. As wind passes over the surface of the flags which are sensitive to the slightest movement of the wind, the air is purified and sanctified by the Mantras.
Prayer wheels are around the stupa. People turn the wheels as they go around. It is said that prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom and merit or good karma and to purify negativities such as bad karma. Om mani Padme Hum, jewel in the lotus.
A Sherpa woman praying.
Another woman praying and Tibetan man doing kora.

At the temples there are beautiful paintings like this one.
There are many stores like this one.
A woman doing kora with a prayer wheel.
God named Ganesha.

There are many rooftop cafes and restaurants and plus you can get a great view of the stupa.

A man going to ring the bell.

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Nawang said...

I love the pictures! cant wait to be there!