Monday, January 11, 2010

Books Books Books

A week ago I had visited 5 different book stores around in KTM.
This week I went back to start buying the books. I spent 4 hours on the first day at EKTA Books Distributors in Thapathali. It is the biggest book store in KTM and has the largest selection of children books. (Imagine Barnes and Noble). I had received 15% off for each book.

Some math tools for Manisha's math class. 600 ($8 US dollar). ruppees for the set of instruments. We found this in one of New Road's stationary store.

We bought these at Ekta, Frisbee (60 rupees= 81 cents) and cones (65 rupees=87 cents)

Set 1: First Day at Ekta

Set 2: Bought at Ekta on the second day. I spent around 2 and half hours picking out these books.
Set 3: Bought these books from Pilgrims Book House in Thamel. These books cost a little bit more but it's worth it. I got 8% off of the total for this set of books. These will be great reference books for class 5.
The beginning of the Phaplu Community School Classroom Library: I had arranged the books for each class to their reading level. They are 5 classes.

Some more titles
Lots of different topics. I will write these books on an excel sheet if you want to read the entire list. Let me know.

Total amount of books: 246
Total amount spent on books and supplies: $28,027.87 RUPEES (around $378.75 USA Dollars)

I'm still buying more books and supplies:
books in Nepali
reference books for teachers: music/songs/art class/math
audio with books
games for class 1 and 2
charts for the classrooms
and of course more story books with great pictures!


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