Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family eats together, stays together.

In Nepal there's plenty of food to eat! Not only I eat potato, rice, pickles and lentils but there's other things. I couldn't upload everything that I ate. I will post more later.

Some customs:
Since this is a mainly a Hindu country they don't eat beef. Nepalese eats with their right hand.In most homes, men and guests are served first, followed by children, then women. Food is not shared from the same plate or eaten with the same utensils. When drinking water from a communal container, the lips do not touch the container.
Korean food but is not the same as New York City's Ktown. I miss my Soonduboo!

Falafel at OR2K.

KFC in Kings Way.

Birthday Dinner: home made Carbonara
Birthday Cake: $ 108 for each piece
The Coffee Shop at Annapurna Hotel.
Japanese food at Baber Mahal.
Lunch: Set for $500 rupees

Potatoes is a common snack.

Pumpkin Shakpa (Sherpa Stew) for Christmas Eve Dinner.

T momo and other Tibetan food at Dechenling Garden in Thamel.

Dosa South Indian

Black Forest Cake at Java, Thamel

Veggie Momo at The Bakery Cafe.
Potato pancake (Sherpa dish) YUMMY!

Chicken lolipop at the Garden Kitchen

Roti and it's very good with tea! It's like a crispy rice donut!
Great for breakfasst champa

noodles in Loding.

Momo at the Salleri market.
Rice and Potato soup

There's so many yummy foods here to eat. Now I should learn to cook them. I will buy myself a cook book and learn while I'm here. In Jackson Heights, Queens there's a grocery store called Patel Brothers where you can get all of the ingredients. Hopefully when I return to New York I can host a small dinner party or go out for Nepalese food at a restaurant.


Kris Pak said...

$108 for cake? I hope that's not in U.S. dollars! Or that it was REALLY good!

I'm gonna move! Still in JH but closer to Patel Brothers (although I hear that Subzi Manzi is better) and Chonghap. 79 or 80th street off Roosevelt.

It looks like you're having a great time. I love the blog!

Rajib said...

dude... you are learning the food welll. Chicken lolipop,lol