Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting around

Jan 10, 2010
Transportation in KTM. Today, I took a bike and rode around KTM. I got to see many new things that I don't notice while riding in a car.

Everyone asks me how do I get around KTM since I don't speak Nepali.
There's are different kinds of public and private transportation. I have taken most of them.

Using a motorbike is easy to get around the hectic traffic in the city. The passagers are not required to wear helmets. Sometimes I see a family of three riding on a motorbikes. The roads are bumpy and it is dangerous to ride at night since you can't see the holes in the road. There's speed limits but they don't go too fast.

The driver seat is also on the left side of the car.

Using a taxis is most expensive way to get around for a local. For tourist the prices are higher but you can bargain for a lower fare. The taxis should usually go on meter but often they are "broken." The usual taxis fare for me is $100 rupees to Thamel or New Road from Naxal. $1 USA dollar = around 74 Rupees. At night the rates are double the price. There's a storage on fuel in Nepal and there are huge lines for gas at the petrol pumps. (gas station)
Rickshaw are in the tourist areas like Thamel. There are shops, and restaurants in Thamel. The rickshaw are cheap but only for short distances.
Scooters are less expensive than motorbikes but I haven't rode on a scooter YET!. Both male and females uses scooters.

Public transportation has buses, vans and Tuk Tuk trucks. You must be careful with your belongings. This can be crowded and easily your stuff could be stolen . This is the cheapest way to get around and most people in KTM use this. The typical price for me is $20 rupees.

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