Monday, February 1, 2010

Book shopping and library days

I went book shopping with a few friends. We bought around 100 books, some games, and charts.
This trip was to get some Nepali books. We got more teacher reference books for art and math classes.
We got some great charts for each of the five class rooms.
Here's a box full of supplies for Phaplu! 20 posters, a few box set of books and Nepal books.
now at my current volunteer school...This is SIS's library. It is in an attic.

The school can't afford a full time librarian. It is hard to keep track of books. So I was thinking what is the next best thing. I asked the headmaster for permission to clean up the library with some students. I hope to form a committee who can manage the books but first we are cleaning and organizing the books.
Our first step as a group is to asset what the library has. Every morning one hour before school starts (at 9) we go upstairs to clean. In their free periods they also come up to work more.
They are working very hard! I hope we can form a student run library system.The students are scrubbing the shelves.
Some organized shelves and they are separated by grade and subject.

Meet the group of girls from 7th and 8th grade. (We are missing two more girls from this picture.)


nani said...

hi miss.this is ayushma(ice-ma) its great seeing all these things...ur work, he project...never thought of this..hehe

nani said...
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Francine said...

Great photos!!