Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Lhosar

Happy Lhosar!! Lhosar is the new years celebration for Tibetans and Sherpas. On this day Sherpas start by going to the eldest family's house. They must bring some food or drinks. At the house we were served salt tea, special snacks and food.

Tea is served in this special cup.
This is my favorite treat!

This is what I first had at Tsering's House. This had nuts and Chhang (Alcohol).
It was tasty~
I'm in the prayer room.
I love this holiday because we get to eat!
Tsering is an amazing cook~

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Francine said...

Love your blog, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing it.
I would like to think that's chicken on the plate, but...?
Can't wait to see you. hugs, Fran