Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last days with SIS and other great memories

SIS Library committee mini field trip to ETK Book Store! It took us an hour and half to pick out three books per class starting with class 4-10.

SIS Library Committee Fundraiser, we sold a cd which had pictures of different events that I attended with the students. We raised 2,000 rupees.
Fun with the girls~
Holi- festival of colors. in other words be careful when walking outside kids and other people throw water balloon at you. Water balloon fight is allowed. People color their hair and put colors on each other.

Face paint (kinda reminds me of Halloween)
Silver faces~!

SIS had their first Prom. The theme was masquerade. We had dance contests such as the paper and balloon dance. They even had Prom King and Prom Queen. It was a lot of fun with my students~
My class 3 and me!~

My two helpers for my mask for prom night.
I had my own farewell from my class 3. I received many cards and gifts from my students~ I didn't except it!
Class 10 Farewell~
The class 9 presented the class 10 with their final farewell with dancing, singing and a short play. This reminded me of my last days as a senior at Lindenhall. We had a tradition to pass the torch (lantern) with the 11th grade the night before graduation.
With Anthony dai and Tsering. NSSP meeting in KTM.
Valentine card from one of my students and this is only one of many.
SIS's annual concert for the parents and friends had dancing, singing and a play. This was UKG performing Red Rodolph the Red nose Reindeer.
The kids are practicing for their annual concert~ My third grade class~
With some of my biggest fans~
Hahahah I thought this was too cute not to share~
Beside school I went to another Losar party for the village of Kerung in Solu.

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startusking said...

wow! That's so pretty lovely picture above you one child is about to kick next.....love this picture....Me too had a golden time with SIS..