Saturday, August 1, 2009

First Fundraiser

Last night, was the first fundraiser that Tsering and I planned together. Even though the weather was bad, my some of friends made it! : )

I want to first Thank Tsering for her hard work on this project. I appreciate the time and effort that you had put into this event. Without you I couldn't complete my goal! We make awesome team!

Thank you to Mingma for your help on organizing and helping to keep the program moving smoothly.

Dad and Mom. I know you couldn't make it this time but Thank you for you continuing support and love! I love you! Thank you to Rebekah and Deon for coming and supporting me.

Chhoden, Jigme, I'm so glad to have such great accountants!Auntie Dolma,Tenzin, and Yangmu, , Thank you for help on keeping the program going!

Sera your dance was amazing!! you dance so graceful. ~~~
Thank you to all of the volunteers! You girls and Jigme rock!! : )

My first goal was to share my experience with my friends and our second goal was to raise at least $500 for the books for Phaplu Community School in Nepal. We did it!

We raised $1, 130.46!!!
and still the donations are still coming in!!

Due to the weather our start was later but we finished in good time.

~ 6:00 pm-6:45 pm
Welcome guests and dinner

~ 7:00 pm- 7:15 pm
Welcome speech by Tsering Dolma Sherpa

~ 7:20 pm- 7:25 pm
Dance by Nawang Sera Sherpa

~ 7:30 pm – 7: 50 pm
Presentation by Elizabeth Windham

~ 7:50 pm- 8:30 pm
Dessert and contribution

~ 8:35 pm- 9:00 pm
Closing remarks by Elizabeth Windham & Tsering Dolma Sherpa
· Khata (traditional ceremonial scarf that represents purity, goodwill, auspiciousness and compassion)Announce accumulated funds

Lakpa Sherpa and me

For my friends who had attended and that couldn't attend the event:

Tsering's introduction made me want to cry and I almost did~!. I was so touched that so many friends came to support me and I was nervous since I haven't talked in front of many people before for a long time. but I know you all know how much my heart is in this project and for the students of the Phaplu Community School.

I hoped you had a great time learning about Nepal and my experience at the Phaplu Community School. I hope you can now see Nepal through my eyes and see why I want to go back. So next time someone asks you "where is Nepal" you should know the answer.
I am so happy to come back to a great group of friends. Without friends like you I can't imagine my life. Thank you for your donation for the books. Change starts with one school at a time.

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krispier said...

Sorry I couldn't make it Elizabeth. I was rocking with AC/DC in Giants stadium. Far less noble, but still it tickled me! Let's get together soon for some momo and you can tell me about Nepal then, ok?