Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now and Then

Since my last post in 2007, I had gone through many changes. I moved to New York City and found work at different education related jobs. I have met so many new friends and was so lucky to have so many old friends here from Linden Hall, (high school) and West Virginia Wesleyan College. Aftering joining Also Known As I have grown so much more and understand better about myself. I am thankful for all the members that I had met and without you guys I couldn't be ready for this trip of my lifetime. Thank you to my Oppas and Unnies!* !
I wanna give a shout out to all of the International and American friends that I have met through school, internship in DC, and here in NY.

I am happy to meet down to earth friends while I was volunteering with New York Cares, Young Korean American Network and Also Known As. It was so much fun with the kids and you! Thank to the Hong Kong friends that I have met. Let's continue our Sunday lunches after I come back.
I was accepted at NYU for International Education but before starting my studies I wanted to experience a developing country.

During the pass year and half I had spent a lot of time with the Sherpa community. I had learn a lot about Nepal from my friend Tsering and her cousin, my roommate Mingma. Thank you Chhoden for being a great friend! Also through them I met a lot of Sherpas friends at NSSP (Network of Sherpa Students and Professionals.) Then I had decided to go to Nepal. I left June 11 and had came back on July 4th. Even though my trip was short, I had an life changing experience something that I will never forget.

My trip to Nepal made me realize several different things. I am not ready for my studies yet. I wanted more practical and life experience. I found myself at a crossroad. The children of the Phaplu Community School and the people in Solu left a huge inprint in my heart. I discovered what is true happiness is and my meaningful purpose in life. I found my passion "my Tickle" in life. Children and education. I decided to take the road less travelled and go back to Nepal to do some research and develope a bigger project that will help the quality of eduction in the Solu villages. Someday, I hope to built a quality school in honor of my parents and the Sherpa people who had impacted my life. I'm delaying my school start date, leaving my apt and taking a chance to do something that I love to do so I'm going!

I want to thank my family! you have always supported me in everything I have done in my life. You are my cornerstone of my life!

My best friend, Tsering Sherpa who has been a huge influence in my life. We will always dream big and we can do anything if we put our hearts and mind in it! AHJA Fighting!

Here's my blog that will keep us connected while I'm in Nepal for the next 9 months. I hope you continue to check in with my progress of my project that i'm developing with Tsering.

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Yoon JI said...

yeah! Ellie!!!
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