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A) Standard of living. What does it mean? What is the difference between material wealth and spiritual, emotional, and creative wealth? What is the relationship between the two? What is comfort? What is necessary? Unnecessary? What would be a reasonable standard of living?
Most people take for granted that they will have life’s essentials to survive like shelter, food, and clothing. These are some of the basic necessary things you need in life. Unnecessary items like expensive name brands shoes, accessories, the biggest house that only has two people hardly living it is extravagant living. The standard of living is really high here in America and South Korea. The living cost is expensive in Seoul. The younger generation wants to buy more items like Chanel and over priced items that are really status symbols. The more stuff we have the more we feel better. Material belongings are only what one person makes it. People are spending time on making more money to gain more stuff and not thinking of other people. Spiritual gain is more precious than material gain in most religions. Having the big name product is only a temporary happiness rather than having a spiritual gain that will last a life time. It is up to the individual to make a choice about what is the most important thing in to their lives. America is worried about who has the most stuff. There will be lack of resources to produce luxury items. The basic things in life are not material things but also rather thos things that bring about emotional fulfillment. Everyone has different needs and wants. It is human nature to want more than what someone else has. There will always be conflict between classes. The Standard of living should apply to everyone if possible.
B) Relationship of humans to each other and nature; consider local and global aspects of this issue.
According to Huntington, the future conflicts of the world will be the result of clashing of civilizations. There will be a stronger desire for each civilization to identity itself. The world is getting smaller because there is more interaction among countries. There will be economic advances and therefore there will be the more trading. The west vs. the rest of the world will be gap to showcase different cultural characteristics, and will there be more tension since there will be cultural differences. Regions will be split into the conservative traditional areas versus the modernized west. The west looked at themselves as at policing the world but many countries sees US as an empire. More and more countries are feeling aggression towards US’s frequent involvement in the world’s affairs. The tie with Israel will remain tight. Imagined geographies involve looking at another country with a previous perceived stereotype. We assume what the people are like even without ever contacting them. For instance to see the world through these lenses would cause the to world be distorted and cause more conflict. We will eventually see each other so differently that it does not matter anymore. The interpersonal relationships between individuals and countries will have gone astray that it will be hard to reattach after a serious blow like blaming each other for the problems. More hostility will increase with violence and time goes on. Soon we will be boxed in and be paranoid about our neighbors like the red scare. Our contact with others will be through computer screens instead of face to face meetings. The lack of communication will decrease the chances to find mutual agreement. On the local level here on campus, the activity and participation in group work would help to teach about good skills on working together. The student groups such as the International Students Organization, Black Student Union and Wesleyan Change group and the Sociology club are striving to have greater awareness of differences such as social problems such as race and class. More participation in small community groups will help to create a friendlier environment.

C) The structure of government and leadership, world, regional, local, the nature of democracy? What might happen to the nation-state as we know it?
In the Pentagon’s New Map, the US has a four rule set which is a collection of rules that dictate how activities normally unfold. The world is split into the gap and the core. The core consists of the powerful, developed nations who follow the rules set. The rules set are reachings democratic goal, higher technology standards, political security and capital economy. The basic argument for the Pentagon is that war is viewed only one way with one super opponent. The US’s response to this is threatening and builds up walls around us. To shrink the gap the focus is on strengthening boarders, increasing security, and changing the system’s administration. US’s goals are using aid to help to construct countries in the gap. The “lesser included” such as North Korea will not be joining the core anytime soon. Due to the fact that the country is not in our set rule number one which is about democracy. North Korea will not be the biggest threat to the West but rather China or Russia. Barnett writes that the Manthropes Curves says that Russia will come back in 20 years. We will have a huge conflict with either China or Russia over resources. The power elite, the upper class white male is the hegemonic ideal for a time until Hillary Clinton or some other upper class white female wins the presidential election. We will be able to tighten our boarders until no one will come inside the country easily.

D) Economic structure, use and distribution of resources. Consider economic conversion, sustainability, future of capitalism
In Klare’s Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict, he writes that resources are the heart of conflict. The US is fighting a war not about terrorism but on resources. The earth resources are valuable because they are lacking. The West is getting control of the areas like the Caspian Basin. Oil, water, and land are the most practical resources on high demand. Since oil is used in most modern countries, there will not be a drastic decline in this resource. The Caspian Basin is one region that is protected and searches for oil. The water location, like the control of the Nile is a huge supply for not just for Egypt but also forthe other surrounding countries. Even though there have been Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) or the United Nations Convention of Law rules, the demand for these resources will be greater, and transporting will become dangerous. The money should be going to developing alternative ways of means. In the short movie called No Logo the author is explaining about the multiple national corporations and the global shift with free trade in other world’s globalization. There is globalization, where all the same brands are everywhere in the world. It is not about changing politics not nationally but globally. The human causalities are not remembered when resources and products are made. There are the forgotten people who die or suffer in process of making and obtaining materials. Non-profits organizations like Oxfam will increase awareness of the inequality that people have to suffer in order to live. The rate of unemployment will rise and the economic will predictably go into a rollercoaster until World War III breaks out with nuclear warfare.

E) What might happen to the conflict in education, law, medicine, religion, and other social institutions? How might these look in the society you envision?
Welfare will continue be a tool to help the poor. There will be help provided as benefits to all regardless of income, the basis of citizenship, or public assistance. The class inequality will continue as a form of social control. The gender divisions of labor will be less. The inequalities of society will remain because there will not be equal chances for all. The minorities of religions, races, and other groups will be outcaste. One of the many things that is needed is more affordable income to poor families and teaching those ideas to get out of poverty like microfinance. We need to pick elected officials who want to see these changes. The leaders we pick will pass laws that will affect the poor. There will be more sectional parts of cities and the division of race and class will be more apparent. My vision for people is that violence will peak with everyone in arms. Since the second amendment gives us right to bare arms, that law will still be the factor of having allowed guns in this society. Passing laws against or making stricter guns laws will help to keep guns away. Countries like Japan where guns are illegal have a lower rate of gun murders than the US. In the future children will be taught how to be more humble and other good character qualities. There will be change in people. The masses will not realize how the government is controlling our mind.

F) Forms of conflict resolution and expressions of anger and rage. The terrorist show their anger by using asymmetrical warfare. Other acts of violence like the Virginia Tech School shooting are another act of rage. The Virginia Tech shooting is dissected like an onion. There are many layers of how we could have prevented it. The United States will start having education on peace studies and over the next forty years, many of the required classes in high school and college will be on peace studies. Elementary courses in peace and conflict resolution will start earlier in the education system. More teachers are trained to mange conflict in class and to seek help with parents and counselors. Training teams will not only be for the professional but for all who deal with child development such as parents and teachers. Peaceful by peaceful means’s the diagram of the TBP triangle is a good start to settle conflicts. Following the right formula is going to the right direction for a peaceful resolution. First, diagnosis the problem and what is the type/nature of the conflict. What is the problem? Determine whether the problem could be cultural that is racism. Now the prognosis, what are the likely outcomes of doing nothing doing x, y, or z. Lastly, treatment which is your to help yourself, intervention, artistic, or lethal way. The curative which is direct violence and preventive is how we prevent indirect violence. Many more grass roots groups will form to end violence among countries and more peace troops will be placed in conflict zones. Peace Brigades International Peace is an example of a group that helps by not using violence to end conflicts. Peaceful resolution means negative or positive peace. The ideal is having absolute peace but that is not realistic but positive is next to the best answer. The society will stride for sustainable peace but eventual fail. There have been peaceful solutions to problems. Peaceful movements or social movements have been Gandhi, Poland, and Denmark. There will be more of the next generation protesting for peace. The extreme opposite opinion on how society will be is the movie Omega man comes to my mind. Everyone who has been affected by a terrible incurable disease goes psychotic after a nuclear war. Everyone will blame technology for the downfall of mankind.

G) Consider how children are to be raised in this new world you have envisioned H) What role did you play in the whole change? Where did you fit in terms of work, family, etc? How did these changes come about?
From the power book I looked at my new society will focus on the fixing the institutions such as family and school. Since the world is socially constructed, the first step is education. At first there is a reorganized criterion for children’s education. Education will always be the most important right for all children. Human rights will be taught in elementary schools. The universal of the rules will be promoted through out the world. Family courses will be taught at younger ages to help out young parents. In many homes both parents will be working so family life will change. We need new laws to prevent the neglect of children. More social activities will be promoted at a younger age. It is better to have plans so parents can go home from work at the earlier stages at the child’s life so they can actually parent them and not stay at work. Spending quality time with children should be the companies and business’s quota for employees.
Most likely I will be watching all the changes go by without thinking much of it. 40 years seems a lot right now so it is hard to imagine what life might be like. I can not even think of 10 years ahead much less 40 but in the distant future I would like to see more equality and help by volunteering directly to the poor but also helping to develop other ways to get people out of poverty. Education is very important but it depends what is being taught. The most useful information for someone who is not getting educated is life skills such as interpersonal relations and how to survive. Since there are more disconnected people it will not be hard to see how people will be on their own. I hope not to have an abusive husband or a child that signs up for war. I am a pacifist and violence should be the last resort. I will continue to believe in that the world is meant to be this way and I can only help out by giving direct aid. The world will be changing but I think my beliefs on violence and hope for a peaceful world will not. Changes will occur but social movements are not the same as they once were. For my future job I hope I do not get stuck in an office desk job but hope to gain a position to help others. I want my child to have public school education and then a private school education. I think giving more opportunities to children who has no parents and under privileged children is important. We need to fund more programs to aid the most focused groups such as the poor. The fund raising and putting more money to help others will help to make the playing field fairer. My goal is that when I can get myself into a good position I will give back to the orphanage in South Korea. Many children in the orphanage have some kind of physical or mental disability but providing grants or scholarship for getting education. I would like to set up sister schools in America for girls in china so at least the orphanage girls get a good quality education for one year. Providing good a quality of education is a major platform that I think is the most important idea to help society as a whole. Without my teachers or the education institutions that I went to I would not have gotten a college degree.

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