Sunday, April 15, 2007

Nepal's recent news

In recent news article about Nepal:

“The government and former rebels agreed to hold elections on June 20 to choose a special assembly that is to rewrite the constitution and determine the future political system of the Himalayan nation, long a constitutional monarchy.

The rebels gave up their armed revolt last year and joined a peace process with the government. They have locked up their weapons in seven UN-monitored camps and confined their fighters to 28 barracks.”

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala attended a dinner organised by the Nepali Army on the occasion of New Year 2064 B.S. at the Army Headquarters on Saturday evening.

The country's elderly prime minister was a no-show for an emergency session of his cabinet on Sunday. That prevented coalition leaders from holding a critical meeting to set a new date for national elections. The Maoists have now, threatened to pull out of the interim government if the election is delayed and called for Nepal's unpopular king, Gyanendra, to be dethroned ahead of the polling.*http%3A//

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