Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reading Competition/Mandi rimdu

Every Friday the school has a half day and on that day they have different competitions.
The English Reading Competition was on Friday Oct 30th. Guess who was the judge? ME!
I had to rank the students 1-10. 10 being the best. The school is split into houses which are names of color. Two students from each house read a poem or short story.

This was Srijina from Red House and she was the best reader. I am impressed on her ability during class and reading aloud Red Riding Hood.

On the first day of Mandi Rimdu. (Buddhist festival) Manisha, Patna didi, Nimdu and me walked to the Chiwong Monastery. The Monastery is on top of a mountain. The first day was receiving blessings.

Manisha is at the bottom of the hill! It took about 3 hours on the first day to walk to Chiwong.

People stay over night during the three day festival. Here's the inside of the monastery where the Rinpoche was.

On the second day, the kids came along and the walk only took us about 2 hours and 1 hour coming down. The second day was the dances. The day is filled with dancing. It was amazing to watch. One of their dances was a man putting a sword into his stomach. Here's the link if you want to learn more about this festival. I would recommend reading more! It is very interesting!

Me watching from above!

Here's a colorful mask of a dancer.

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