Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goodbye Phaplu Community School but I'll be back!

Today was my last day of school. This past week I had a cold and could not attend school for 5 days. I lost my voice but feel much better now. I wanted to see my students before I leave. I didn't want to just leave without saying goodbye and wanted to explained that I am coming back!

Since my voice didn't come back completely I had to observe the classes and plan for the book shelves with Manisha. After spending almost two weeks with the school we decided for each of the classes to build shelves for a classroom library. We are planning to buy books in Kathmandu and build shelves while I'm in Kathmandu during the winter time. I estimate we can buy 500 books and I couldn't have done this without the help of my friends in New York City!

One of the activities I did with Class 2 was to draw The Cat In the Hat. When I showed them the pictures in the book, their reaction was WOW!

For Class 4, I read Thank you, Thanksgiving and explained about the holiday that I celebrate with my family in America. This book was given from my mom!

Also with class 4, I made a game called "Let's Speak English"
To earn a star the students must speak English with me or a classmate or answer a question with a complete sentence. Whoever earns the most stars will get a special gift. The gift was a pen and a notebook. The three winners were Dolma, Ajay and Menkuna. Each of them tried to answer me with complete sentences and I saw their efforts! I think the students enjoyed this game and will continue after I come back.

Class 1~ Students playing~

Tashi giving you a peace sign!

Class 3 gang!

My good bye with Dawa Lama~ the best reader from class 3.

Srijina, class 4 the best reader of the school.

At the end of the day the entire school surprised me with Hokie Pokie! I had received khatas from a member of each class and a letter from Jeeban Rai from class 3.

The letter reads:
Dear Elli miss
Thank you so much for being with us for so long. We will miss you lot and lot.
From Class 3

I wanted to make sure the students understood that I am coming back but also with books! Manisha told me that the students were happy to hear that! I am looking forward to return to my students and Manisha. I can't wait to see their smiling faces! Now I'm heading back to Kathmandu for the winter!


mwag83 said...

sorry to hear you got so sick :( but glad to know your better. hope you have a fun thanksgiving in kathmandu and talk to u soon.

kyungmee said...

Ellie, how are you? I just read over your site..feel terrible that I have not visited in some time! This is amazing! It is truly inspiring what you are doing there and the spirit of these children! The photos are great and you can really feel the emotions of what is taking place. I hope you are feeling better and am looking forward to hearing more. Take care.