Friday, October 9, 2009

Wonderful life~

Phaplu, Nepal

Hello Everyone! I am in Phaplu. This week was filled with amazing events. On Oct 8th I had seen my first C-section and i was in the operation room too! I witnessed a child being born! I can't believe it! the mother was 4'11 and this baby was breached. Because of the ultrasound training that was going on at the hospital they could recommend a C-section to save the baby. It's a boy! I was wearing scrubs for my first time too.

There was training for the health workers of Solukumbu. Women walked more than one day to Phaplu for the training. These health workers were trained on childbirth and other problems they might face while they are in their villages. I had sat in the classes but they were in Nepali. I had a friend, Dolma to translate what they were saying. Now I have more knowledge on childbirth.

I am waiting for school to start. There's a hindu holiday right now. I am very excited to teach the kids songs and play games!

Manisha and me are in this picture. This was our first time in the OR. Manisha is the teacher I told you about and will be working with at the Phaplu Community School.


Mathew said...

Go Elizabeth!!!!!! You make me so proud!!!!!!

Mathew said...

Maybe I'll come visit. Dr.J