Thursday, October 15, 2009

First day back at school/Junbesi Trip

Welcome back! Manisha, the students, and me!

The students are still on holiday but Cunina (Belgium sponsors) came to visit the school. So they opened the school specially for them. We played a little bit and kids sang! A lot of them still remember me! I am excited for school to start.

They have posted photos that I sent to them in the teacher's lounge. In the photo it is Anisha, Susmita, and lil Tashi.

Just being random but aren't these cool beans?

We (Patna, Manisha, and Nimdu plus two nuns) are on our way to Junbesi and the Thubten Choling Monastery. We were following these donkeys but the scenery was amazing. We walked more than 4 hours! It took the entire day! We stopped several times to take a rest. We walked from the Monastery to Ang Chhokpa's Lodge and Resturant (Junbesi) at night with flashlights.

give you a brief information about this Monastery of Tibetan monks and nuns.

This is what I saw when I woke up in the morning! Next day we had fun walking back but my feet hurt a lot!

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