Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I am in Phaplu

I am on my third day in Phaplu. There is Internet! but I am only checking my emails and posting a lil. I won't be able to post pictures. But I am loving the nature and the people. I am very happy to be in Phaplu. The house that I am staying at is full of many different guest including other Americans. There is a woman named Lonnie and she's from Denver. She is here to train nurses with the ultrasound machine.

The school isn't open until 15 more days since it's a Hindu holiday right now.

Until then I am tagging along with Dolma and Ngima Dai for their health worker training about childbirth. This is for about 4 days. I am taking so many pictures! I wish to post them so you can see them.

I called my mom for her birthday on Monday! I miss my parents and friends!

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