Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I watched four films about American brands, such brands like Nike and Gap. No Logo. The woman is talking about multiple national corporations and global shift with free trade in other world’s globalization. There is Globalization, where all the same brands are everywhere in the world. It is not about changing politics not national but global. Why are the conditions of back lash? Shell, McDonalds and other corporations what liberated to the youth to speak out. True product idea or life style, Brands are being creatively produce for us the consumer to desire this unless products. Choice the freedom of making one’s decision but these corporations is providing young people to buy their products.
The quality of work is an issue. The labor problem is not addressed. She talks about the history of the mass products disruption. There is lack of connection of the local providers and now products being made over seas. The personal relationship of selling and buying products is not there anymore. Waltz Disney, small town American dream. The Nike core idea is the nature of sports. It was lost “American dream” commodity and used community devalued. Virgin Records selling an idea and running to get as much money as possible. The individually of people is what Virgin Records is selling to the young masses. The most recognized people promoting these brands.

the media has a huge part of this globalization. Its about money and money and power.

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