Friday, February 2, 2007

Black Diamond

Black Diamond was disturbing but also was very good movie, the only thing that was annoying was the “love” story that was thrown in there. I did not believe it for once second. Common on. Hollywood version but most probably most intriguing story line yet. I think a typical American would not think about where the diamond came form. It seems like that the diamond trade in developing states.
Child Soldiers are very sad, the destruction of a child innocence taken away. The horror that a child must go through to kill another human is unimaginable. What torture that child must go through. That is the saddest part of the movie for me. Guns, violence no wonder that a child who goes through that experience will be scared for life. I hope that there are many kind of people like that one guy who helped to rescue the children.
The everyday violence and the worried parents have to go through from the rebels in civil war countries. And even this move was so recent dates not even ten years ago. This movie was eye opener to me because of the diamond trade. The heartless people can be with resources that are on high demand by rich countries that has the power to ask for so much for such a small stone. The hard work that these forced labor men what to go through for nothing. The fuel of weapons and the need to kill their own brothers in the same country is crushing. The village attack at the beginning of the movie was really sad. The realistic view of the ending that it would not most likely not happened that way. To find your family alive and back together like that. The million refuges that are forced in the cam and can not get released are damaging.
The natural resource like diamond is helping people guying guns and forcing people in slavery. It sounds like something that would happen two hundred years ago but still happening today. The United Nations Food Program was showed in the film but it was not enough. It was hard to get to these remote places where these refugees were at. I can not imagine the workers that can not feel helpful. The media converge was accurate. The women’s character was on the money when she talked about American not caring about Africans dying. I would recommend this film for introduction to my developing world class too.


Bianca said...

I saw the film yesterday! I am 16 years old and I watched the film with my boyfriend. When we got out of the cinema, he asked me, wether I was ok, because I was that pale and held his hand that strong.
The most worrying thing for me is, that child soldiers and this attacks and massacres really excist.
There is a real truth in the film! Who thinks where the stone comes from, when he buys a ring or something?? I never thought of where diamonds come from? Did you?

I agree with you that the love story was wrong placed in this film, but this is what the people want to see in a film! I couldn´t believe, that Leonardo Di´Caprio died until the end too!! I also hoped that the plane would come back and safe him!! It is clichéd and kitschy!!


Ellie said...

Oh wow. thanks for your comment. I never thought where diamonds came from until this movie.

What happened to quality movies these days?

I wanna see another good movie like Slum dog!