Thursday, January 25, 2007

how the Power Elite rules us.

The power elite are not like me my parents and certainty not the average American. I believe family with connection because of their last names get better treatment and further power. Having the Ivy legend, education, name, money, prestige in most American elites. Only a few people can achieve such power status like a Senator or Governor. Gender has a lot to do with women still struggling into power positions in gov. But to make male politican not to be sexist he may have a women running mate or assign to their team. Women and anyone in the minority also get the short hand of the stick. Women, elders and disable people are poorest among American because few have the money capabilities they cant run for office. Campaigning for office takes money. You are not a good leader because you have money. Change takes time but somehow the elite keeps finding ways to keep us afar so we can not achieve the same thing. I would like to see a senator try to live on minimine wage or homeless and trying to find a job. I think Johnson is right about that the elite feeds us a bunch of scarps and make illusions that they can but really what us to be inferior. Other countries see uses self powerful. Although our country is 100% perfect but still need a lot more improvement. We control a lot of power in world organizations that thought to be "fair." Power can be abused because of natures selfishness. Power elite will always have the upper hand. Why the masses do not up rise either they do not care or poorly uneducated to understand their rights. Scientist who think the fittest will prevail is true. the strongest overcome the weak because they know how to play the weak. That is why the weak is following the strong. the weak does not have the capablitites of the strong. Everyone is not equal nor the same. everyone has good qualities to become good leaders. the question is if the leader will be ethical and fair for all. I believe that our government is controlled by the social structure of the rich and influence. somehow this replays through out history and will continue.

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mathew.johnson said...

good job Elizabeth. Try writing in word and proofing first. Then cut and paste into your blogger post window. That will help you polish your writing.