Monday, February 5, 2007

Klare says...

Klare states that Bush’s 1# concern was procure more energy, especially oil. First is the degree of dependence of this society on cheap and abundant petroleum, oil is crucial and talks about the history of the dependence of oil. The development of the Saudi connection started with Roosevelt and the royal family a “hush hush” meeting and with no records. An unwritten agreement with the United States for Saudi's oil in exchange for protection
Klare’s conclusion is that the 9-11 was not the result for the invasion of Iraq in 2002 but it has been leading up to that since the first gulf war. The senior Bush’s sectary of defense planning head what could happen. But through the containment policies the following president kept and the close ties with the Saudi Royal Family. The invasion was going to happen anyways. The previous administration tried to put sanctions and smoke out Saddam from Iraq from his own people but in the long run the United States was hurting the people more than Saddam. Oil is a big factor for the invasion and alignment with Saudi. This is a step that the United States to ensure themselves with supply of oil in both countries.
Klare sounds very much like my high school Latin teacher. My teacher Mr. McGrath said the same thing about the oil and that 9-11 was not the reason why the invasion of Iraq happened. He also said that oil was a huge reason why Middle East is such an important area for the United States because of our decency on oil. Klare is very knowedgeable of the history of foreign policy and its relations for the invasion of the Middle East.

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funnybuddhist said...

I think you overlooked the most important thing: Hypocrisy is in the personal level, not govermental. Have you ever heard Mother Teresa criticized the Government for not being magnanimous enough to other countries? She does everything for the poor by "herself" and thus, forcing others to open up. The US government is for the US interest, they will do anything to bring more interest to the people "inside" the country. You can debate if Bush is helping the Rich more; but by getting more oil, "you" or the lowest level citizen inside America benefit too. Don't forget that. On the other hand, The people inside Saudi Arabia benefit from US greed for their oil too. By "buying", not "robbing" oil from Saudi, the US put a lot of investments and technologies in Saudi. No arguing that the Saudi royal family get the most of it; but in turn, they have to use the dollars to support their people in avoiding any uproar or revolution. Thus, the Saudi citizens get a part of the pie in the equation. The average Saudi citizen income level is among the highest or the highest in the region. Well, they hate the royal dictatorship, so what? Now, take a look at Iraq, Saddam did not deal with the US. Were Iraqis citizens better off than Saudis? Saddam got the money from selling oil to other countries in exchange for..."weapons", ladies and gentlemen. The truth is that as long as the Middle East does not have democracy, to have the US greed is better than have not. Lastly, you may ask "what if" the US were not there. Would you think the Russians or the Chinese leave that region untouched? Would you think Russia and China will offer better bargain than the US? Would they care more for the people there than the US? And what if Russia or China took control of the oil there and overtook US in economy as well as technology? You don't know them because you don't know your reality, ladies and gentlemen.