Monday, March 12, 2007

intro to NEPAL!~

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This is map of Nepal
Location: Southern Asia, between China and India
Capital: Kathmandu

Population: 28,287,147
Language: Nepali 47.8%, Maithali 12.1%, Bhojpuri 7.4%, Tharu (Dagaura/Rana) 5.8%, Tamang 5.1%, Newar 3.6%, Magar 3.3%, Awadhi 2.4%, other 10%, unspecified 2.5%
Political structure: parliamentary democracy
Religion: Hindu 80.6%, Buddhist 10.7 %, Muslim 4.2% and other is .9%
(Only official Hindu state in the world)

Leader: Prime Minister Girija Prasad KOIRALA
Government: Parliament and cabinet, judicial, legislative and executive branch is appointed by the monarchy. Nepal will have elections. Interim Parliament was formed on 15 January 2007 following the promulgation of an interim constitution
Independence: 1768 unified by Prithvi Narayan Shah
Internal: refugees (country of origin): 106,248 (Bhutan), 20,153 (Tibet/China) IDPs: 100,000-200,000 (ongoing conflict between government forces and Maoist rebels; displacement spread across the country)
Adversaries: Communist Party of Nepal - Maoist Pushpa Kamal DAHAL, a.k.a. PRACHANDA, chairman

External: Maoist insurgents and illegal cross-border activities; approximately 103,000 Bhutanese Lhotshampas (Hindus) have been confined in refugee camps in southeastern Nepal since 1990
illicit producer of cannabis and hashish for the domestic and international drug markets; transit point for opiates from Southeast Asia to the West

Environment: mountains highest peak Mount Everest. Tarai or flat river plain of the Ganges in south, central hill region, rugged Himalayas in north

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