Sunday, May 16, 2010

learning the ropes

Throughout the weeks of school we had different activities and lessons for library class.

We made some name cards!
Class five with some puzzles~ THANK YOU!
All done! Putting the puzzle together
The first reading journal entry was Curious George. I gave them an example for their reading journal. We write out the title, author and writing a thought about the book.
Bishnu coloring Curious George. He's a determined artist.
A new program for this year is a nutritious snack for the students during lunch time.

The teachers gives each student one scoop of plumpy nut in their tiffin.

Reading buddies.
The fifth graders are paired up with class 2 students.
Bhim Kumar (class 5) with Ang Dorjee (class 2).

Here is Kiran (class 2) with his reading buddy Ajay (class 5).
In the teacher's office there were three bucket full of blocks that were dusty and unused. Another teacher and I cleaned these off so they can be used for class 1. I thought it would be fun to play~

Manisha and me with the kids
with Class 5
with some of the teachers and Auntie
Reading journal time! Each class is keeping a reading journal. They are learning to wash their hands, read a book and write in their journal.
Class 3 classroom library
Reading buddies in class 4
I have some thoughtful students! from Class 5.

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