Saturday, June 12, 2010

Farewell Day and Thank you Nepal!!

June 11, 2010.
My farewell at Phaplu Community School. Today was a memorable day. We had a wonderful program with the students and teachers. I had received gifts, cards, khatas, flowers and many hugs. I had finished my work with Manisha and the library class.

I had completed my book project and helped out with the school's first handbook and record filing. Manisha will start making a record file for the teacher and students. I am ready to return for my studies at NYU for International Education in development. I had accomplished what I came here to learn and understand more of.

WoW what a feeling I have. My heart grew 100 times bigger from this amazing experience.
I am so thankful for all of my family and friends support in my book project and believing in me. There's so words to describe the happiness I feel now.

I want to give a special thank for Manisha. She has been a great help with everything with the classroom library and she was willing to learn. We both learned a lot from each other.

It was a great pleasure to meet the people that I met here in Nepal. Without them this trip of a lifetime could never been such a success. There's many thanks to give out but I can't thank everyone individually but I want to let you know how grateful I am for our friendship.

Thank you to my Sherpa friends both in NYC and Nepal. Specially to Tsering Dolma. You are my best friend for seven years and without you I wouldn't had this life changing experience. Thank you for support and our lifetime friendship. I love you!

Thank you to all of my students at SIS and Phaplu Community School. Thank you thank you to GOD for this time in my life....I am truly blessed.


startusking said...

good job Elizabeth our country and country people is in Need of great personality like you.You are always welcome to our country Nepal.Good luck for your's coming day and wish you a good luck for visiting Nepal once again.

Ashis Thapa Magar

Yoon JI said...

oh wow~
you were very loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayushma said...

hi miss..
i wished we could continue this a few more days.. We enjoyed being with you.. Thank you miss love you