Saturday, May 1, 2010

organizing school

The school has been running for five years and there was no record keeping system. I had taken time to go through of the all paper work and organized their filing cabinet. I made a easy to use filing system. Also I will add a student record file. In the file there will be a progress report, student evaluation form, and a copy of a report card. This will help to monitor the student progress.

The next project that I'm working on that will hopefully be a lasting effect on the school is the handbook. The handbook will serve as a guide to the teachers, principal, parents, school management committee and the other sponsoring organizations . This will help to lay out the policies and procedures that the school should follow. This handbook be helpful to manage and review the progress of the school. My aim is that the handbook can be the foundation that the school needs to increase the quality of education for my students and the future of the school.

on the side note: Here in Nepal teacher's job is not respected and being here where the teachers doesn't care about their students or their job. I wanna say....

I want to say thank you to some of my teachers from Linden Hall, and West Virginia Wesleyan. Dr. Mcgrath, Mrs. Lavery, Dr. Levy, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Mahoney. I am so lucky to have great teachers in my life who influenced me. Thank you. You are the best! Teacher changes people's lives. They enrich our minds and without my teachers/mentors I couldn't be here doing what I am doing. I applaud to you for your hard work and dedication you put into your job and students! Many thanks!! I hope someday the students of Phaplu Community School will say the same about their teachers...

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