Sunday, April 11, 2010

PCS Results Day

On April 7th 2010 PCS had their results day. Manisha and the other teachers were busy for several days to prepare for this day. The parents and the students came to school to talk with the class teacher. One by one the students are called in. The teachers discussed about the students improvements and areas where they were still lacking.
She passed!!
Angelina running to see her results
I was being Jangmu's guardian. She's in class 3 and ranked 1# all three semesters. She will skip 4 and join 5th grade! I'm so proud of her hard work!
Students and their parents looking at the results
Students are waiting....
Both students and parents are waiting to see the results
Manisha giving her student their results.
Manisha getting ready for giving out the results

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