Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day with books and student volunteers

Today we went to school to organize the books on the shelves and put up the library posters. I had 5 volunteers. They worked for two hours arranging and counting books. Total count of books 1049 books for classes 1-5. More books will come soon!

The volunteers are helping to organize the books by size.
Students from Phaplu Community School Kumar (class 2) and Jeeban (class 5).

Class 3 book count: 268 books!
Class 5 book count: 280 books
Some of my signs I made for class.
Breaktime with Cookies!
Snack Time!
This is a great group of volunteers and they are from local schools. Sonam( ANM nursing school), Nimdu (White Hills), Jeeban(PCS), HomRaj (White Hills), and Kumar (PCS). I couldn't finish without their help! Thank you!
Jeeban and me...just playing around.

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