Sunday, September 13, 2009

All about Family

This week I moved my stuff to my hometown Lititz, PA and spent time with my family. My mom had a family gathering at our home.

My father is playing the singing bowl!
He is amazed about the sound and the vibration.

It was great to see my relatives and family friends before I left for my trip. I haven't seen many of my family since moving to NYC. Most of my family are from Pennsylvania. I will miss my parents!

total donation $150


kyungmee said...

I am glad you got to spend time with them! My mother is in West Chester PA while we are here in NJ. It's about almost 3 hrs trip to see her. I know the distance makes it difficult. I wanted to tell you, I started a new Blog called, Sheltersky! I hope you can check it out. It's a place where I feel inspired. I am posting photos from me and others, along with poems, videos and stories..mainly surround the nature around us!

Yoon JI said...